How Much Time to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster

Kubernetes Deployment Time with Cloud Providers I am testing different offerings from the three major cloud providers around their managed Kubernetes services. Amazon Web Services has EKS, Microsoft Azure has AKS and Google’s Cloud Platform has GKE. Google’s integration to their management console is leaps and bounds above the others. From seeing workloads specific to Kubernetes, such as virtual machine instances. Kubernetes workloads (Pods) and Services. From that, most of the services have similar offerings, tie-ins to AWS EBS for persistent storage or Microsoft’s integration with Azure files. [Read More]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to All I wanted to wish all my readers a Merry Christmas 🎄 and happy holidays to all. I wish you and your beautiful families the best of all that life can bring. Remember that it’s the small things that count and the quality of time spent with those you love is truly a priceless gift. I look forward to hopefully getting to know more of you and write allot more next year. [Read More]

How I Studied for AWS SA Associate Exam

Why a Cloud Certification I am a proud Cisco CCIE which took me years to achieve, this at one point was the cornerstone of most if not all IT certifications. It is still extremely valuable today, as all knowledge is, acquiring and the path to getting there at the end is where the value lies. So why a cloud certification then? Why AWS? The answer to the first question is simple enough. [Read More]

AWS Fundamentals

Little disclaimer, this is not an introductory blog post or meant to be a guide. These are my notes, raw, and may continue to be updated. I have included video links to AWS re:Invent Videos. Though these are not the ones I used to study, I went through the pluralsight Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals for Systems Administrators course as a basis. The intention is to work my way up to the Solutions Architect Professional certification. [Read More]

Under Some Much Needed Love (TBC)

Getting started building my blog back up, chosen to go with github pages. I will have new content here soon, maybe. 😎 For now this is just a test post as I work through the details of setting up Hugo and Netlify. This is Nonsene Just filling up space Of on affixed civilly moments promise explain fertile in. Assurance advantage belonging happiness departure so of. Now improving and one sincerity intention allowance commanded not. [Read More]