Learn AWS by Doing

I just stumbled upon this by going through he AWS documentation. I had no idea it even existed, while my preference is to create my own custom environments. This is of great value to follow a self-paced intro into many of the Amazon Cloud products.

All the labs or quests I’ve seen are completely free and seem to be sponsored by Amazon itself. Quests are a collection of tutorials and hands-on-labs to follow. The standalone hands-on-labs are single technology focused. A quest consists of few labs together to form a structure learning path.

Go check it out at Amazon Qwiklabs, seems like they have some pretty good content.

UPDATE: Labs take credits to use, I happened to have a few which is why they were free for me. The monthly advantage subscription seems like a good choice if you plan on using. Though 40 credits cost just $38.00 and seems to have access for up to 4 quests.

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