Taking on a New Challenge

I have an obsession and passion to do things right, to help others and provide for my family. I have taken on the challenge of following my own dreams and embracing my passion. Effective this month (May, 2019), CloudArt is my new endeavour focusing on helping customers on the journey to the public and hybrid clouds.


The better question is; why not? Because life is unpredictable and fun, my family and I were put in a situation to decide. I have an extremely supportive wife and family and would not have accomplished half of anything I’ve done without her and those close to me. I mention in my about page, I don’t have friends, I have family, if you’re close to me, you’re my family.

Fear killed more dreams than failure ever will. Fear is faith in reverse. Fear creates doubt. Replace your fears with faith and your doubts with determination. - Suzy Kassem

An inspirational quote does not ensure successful, though not trying will guarantee it.


The website is still in the works, though all the services listed CloudArt can be delivered. We will be focusing on public and hybrid cloud consulting services.

  • Cloud Assessments

    • Readiness assessment
    • Active infrastructure assessment
  • Cloud Migrations

    • Pre-planning
    • Move of workloads
  • Cost Optimization
  • Cloud Networking and Security
  • Application Modernization Infrastructure
  • Cloud workshops

    • Get your team ready!

We’re taking the approach of understanding the business problem and need first, then tackling the technical solution.

When to Approach

If you’re even considering, thinking or in the process of evaluating cloud workloads for your next application, service or need to rething what you’re currently doing. Then reach out and send me a note.

One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time