Yandy's Resume

Summary Overview

Throughout my career, I’ve been blessed to work with some of the technology industries brightest and kindest individuals. They have chosen to mentor and develop not only technical and professional skills but most importantly personal and life growth. I hope to provide the same value in others life’s and help my peers and friends grow as I did.

I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the most interesting technologies, such as cloud-native architectures, enterprise, and service provider network backbones, MPLS and help customers build more agility through devops practices.

I build relationships and use technology to solve business problems. Passionate about cloud-native applications and infrastructure. Modernize what makes sense for the business, take a top-down approach to business requirements and provide business outcomes.


  • CCIE #49800 (Routing and Switching)
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional


  • Mentoring and Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Cloud-Native Architecture
  • Application Modernization
  • Cloud Networking
  • Routing and Switching Expertise
  • Cloud Security
  • Serverless and Similar Workflows
  • Cost Management and Budget Optimization
  • SD-Wan
  • Network Segmentation
  • Architect and Build Automation Workflows
  • CI/CD Pipelines and DevOps Implementations
  • Bilingual (English, Spanish)


Principal Solutions Architect

United Data Technologies | Doral, FL | 1/2019 | 5/2019

UDT C-level leadership implemented a different strategy and Regional Engineering Director roles were eliminated. The new Principal roles were aligned closely with account managers to drive product sales. The previous Directors offered to help and bring on others into the team to help guide and mentor.

  • Similar role when I started at UDT with different sales alignment
  • Provide technical solutions through the entire catalog of UDT services and products
  • Provide mentorship to new members of the team to increase sales productivity and outcomes
  • Align on a 3-to-1 sales executive to architect position in attempt to provide focus for sales
  • Perform similar tasks as in director and solutions architect role

Regional Engineering Director

United Data Technologies | Doral, FL | 3/2016 | 1/2019

Take on a formal leadership position and business ownership. Lead a greater than 30millionayearhardwareandproductbusinesswithagreaterthan30 million a year hardware and product business with a greater than3 million a year services business for the South Florida Region of UDT. Mentored engineers and architects to be successful in their duties and attempted to make an impact in their lives. I was grateful to have such an amazing team that was both independent and responsible, allowing leadership to concentrate on letting them perform.

  • Actively participated in pre-sales activities to help drive sales and projects
  • Lead an extremely talented group of engineers and architects
  • Provided professional development guidance and assistance
  • Learned to balance different personalities and needs
  • Actively participated in budget creation and tuning
  • Worked with sales leadership in aligning resources
  • Provided strategic advice on products, services and solutions for UDT to provide
  • Performed all the below tasks in the Solutions Architect role as well to optimize budget and resources

Solutions Architect

United Data Technologies | Doral, FL | 10/2015 | 3/2016

Actively participate and contribute to the sales process of advanced technical workloads with a concentration in providing business outcomes. Help guide the sales force and provide mentorship and guidance to new and veteran account managers. Help UDT in their cloud services transformation journey as well as designing and architecting hybrid data center and applications. Help customers build software defined stacks for both applications and infrastructure to the use of automation, CI/CD pipelines, scripting and business culture changes.

  • Contributed and lead in the sales of multi-million-dollar data center and cloud solutions
  • Help customers through IT transformation journey of cloud-first and hybrid-first approaches
  • Become the trusted advisor for multiple organizations in financial and health-care industries
  • Mentor junior engineers and provide guidance on the benefits of automation and orchestration
  • Train both technical and sales staff on the business values of infrastructure and application testing, for performance and validity
  • Utilize automation pipelines to bring application deployment and feature releases for customers from months to minutes, utilizing best-practices for the cloud and on-premises data centers
  • Architect large data center and enterprise networks with Cisco, VMware, Fortinet, Palo Alto, Nutanix and other vendors

Sr. Network Architect and Engineering Lead

Univision Communications, Inc. | Miami, FL | 12/2013 | 12/2014

Design and implement enterprise wide network architectures, including but not limited to Enterprise Backbone, Datacenter and Campus networks. Bring new ideas to the team and collaborate to best practices for support and design necessities. The role demands the ability to act as lead and escalation support for cases where junior engineers could not come to a resolution in a timely manner. Interconnect applications and services through the enterprise to the cloud using AWS. Help development teams understand and build for cloud-first, utilizing native cloud-services such as Amazon EC2 autoscaling and RDS/DynamoDB.

  • Design and Implement AWS infrastructure

    • VPC design
    • Application design
    • Application database connectivity and scaling
    • Multi-region multi-availability zone designs
    • Design for multi-national content streaming services
  • Design and Implement Datacenter networks:

    • Nexus Switches
    • Cisco Catalyst switches
    • Cisco ASR routers
    • Routing architectures with OSPF and BGP
    • Design VMware Virtualization environment
    • Plan the design of pilot private cloud for application development
    • Integrate network into vSphere and Storage environments
  • Design and Implement Enterprise campus/edge/core networks:

    • OSPF as the IGP
    • Design an MP-BGP and MPLS LDP backbone

      • To separate business users and applications.
      • To carry internal publicly routed subnets
      • To enforce customer security boundaries
    • Designed L3 core for interconnecting campus locations
    • Design and deploy diverse internet locations throughout the enterprise
    • Plan to implement POP locations at popular peering exchanges

      • To peer away internet traffic and reduce dependency on transit bandwidth
    • Plan for a backbone overhaul using distributed POP sites for path diversity
  • Technical Architecture Lead

    • Work on network escalations when necessary
    • Troubleshoot application performance
    • Technical mentor for junior techs to help improve skills and career

Sr. Network Engineer

Presidio Networked Solutions | Ft Lauderdale, FL | 6/2011 | 8/2013

Design and implementation of various size Datacenters and campus networks. Provide customers with detailed design documentation. Project and team lead on various size Enterprise Data Center designs, migrations and deployment planning.

  • Design and Implement Datacenter networks:

    • Nexus Switches, vPC, FEX and more
    • DCI technologies such as OTV and MPLS
    • Routing architectures with OSPF, EIGRP and BGP
    • MPLS VPN for traffic separation and security
    • Design and Implement security through network firewalls
  • Design and Implement Enterprise campus/edge/core networks:

    • OSPF and EIGRP
    • Designed L2 and L3 closet access
    • Utilized VSS for Campus Core and Distribution
    • Use BGP to scale Enterprise routing tables
    • Use BGP to scale VPNs

Sr. IP Engineer & Architect

Terremark Worldwide, Inc. | Miami, FL | 7/2007 | 08/2010

Design, engineering; and troubleshooting a worldwide ISP, Enterprise and Datacenter network for cloud based hosting services. Design and implement customer networks, managed services and IP services. I worked day to day on a high end BGP network, dealing with communities, and peer-template implementations, as well as IPv4 and IPv6. Responsible for the routing of our Enterprise and Provider Network, routing through BGP, IS-IS and EIGRP for the Enterprise LAN.. Configuring and designing QoS network services for both rate limiting and traffic prioritization. The Terremark network spans multiple US based sites to Europe and South America.

  • Cloud aggregation architecture and design

  • Design MPLS Global Network

    • VPLS Services
    • Layer-3 VPN Services
    • Multi-Tenancy
  • Design and Engineer new Backbone, Campus and Datacenter network.

  • Recent projects include:

    • Full scale IPv6 deployment

      • Multi-topology IS-IS
      • MBGP
    • Design and configuration of Dominican Republic Datacenter network.
    • Design, configuration and activation of new Datacenter connectivity though multiple 7609 (SUP720-3BXLs) and CRS-1 configurations. Bringing these devices into an extensive IGP (IS-IS) mesh and iBGP full mesh to provide customer and enterprise connectivity.
    • Configurations of coast-to-coast layer-2 VLAN implementations through Force-10 based switching.
    • In charge of the migration of the Enterprise/I.T network to a new building and bringing it live into production.
    • Helping and Training our NOC to have a better understanding of network technologies
  • Configuring troubleshooting Cisco/Force-10 equipment.

  • Extensive configuration, design and troubleshooting of the BGP protocol.

  • QoS traffic-shaping, rate-limiting and traffic prioritization.

  • IPSec and GRE tunnels (IPSec over GRE).

  • Routing, EIGRP, IS-IS, BGP. Configuring and troubleshooting GLBP, HSRP.

  • Configuring firewall rules, and NAT.

  • Working with thousands of BGP peers.

  • Transit providers such as Level-3, Sprint, AT&T and MCI.

  • Configuring and troubleshooting spanning-tree on diverse layer-2 network.

  • Managed Enterprise (Core, Distribution, Access and Edge).

  • Managed ISP-side (Core, Distribution, Access and Edge).

  • Routers from ASR1000 to CRS-1/3, ASR9000s and GSR12000.

  • Switches ranging many product lines 6509 SUP720 variants to Nexus 7000 and 5500.

  • Day-to-day customer interaction through both phone and personal presence.

Network Services Engineer

Maritime Telecommunications Network | Miramar, FL | 8/2006 | 7/2007

Troubleshooting a worldwide satellite data/VoIP/VPN network was just part of my duties at MTN. Implementation of multiple networking technologies in a team based environment, wan technologies such as MPLS VPNs, Frame-Relay, PPP T1 and E1 connections. Support for Enterprise wide MPLS VPN customers dealing with high latency satellite connections. Troubleshooting routing, switching, security and voice enabled networks. I was in charge of troubleshooting a multi router backbone with 7200 and 7600 Cisco routers. National redundant DS3 paths for connectivity between customer and core network sites. I worked with the biggest cruise lines in the world such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America, and Cunard plus many Oil and Gas companies, to implement and maintain a high level SLA, in network convergence and availability and reliability over unreliable satellite media.

  • Configuring and troubleshooting Cisco equipment.
  • Advanced iBGP and eBGP setup and troubleshooting.
  • Advanced MBGP for MPLS VPN setup and troubleshooting.
  • Implementing site-to-site IPSec and GRE VPNs.
  • Design and implement Frame-relay over GRE tunnels
  • IPSec encrypted GRE tunnels.
  • Frame-Relay both provider and customer side configurations.
  • Advanced OSPF and Rip routing with route redistribution.
  • Implemented policy based routing.
  • Configured and researched multiple solutions for QoS, including, classification and marking of packets to properly deliver data and voice through the network.
  • Extensive use of packet analyzers such as Wireshark.
  • National and International Data and VoIP networks.
  • K/U and C-Band satellite band technology.
  • Day to Day customer interactions
  • Customers such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Holland America Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, Cunard Cruises – Queen Mary II and Queen Elizabeth II and much more.
  • Day-to-day customer resolution troubleshooting and solution design.
  • Loved for my knowledge and willingness to help and provide solutions.